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There is no doubt that the existence of PSAU branch in Hotat Bani Tamim and Hariq province is  important for labor market. Whereas, labor market requires  qualified and trained resources that obtained the knowledge from its main sources.

The college’s faculty members are considered the key asset to the college. They deserve to be maintained and encouraged to give their best inproviding a suitable educational environment. Moreover, the encouragement push them to conduct researches and achieve innovations in the research field, besides performing their duties toward their students to leave a fingerprint in the future generations.

Furthermore, under the royal decree the college was titled College of Sciences and Humanities at Hotat Bani Tamim.

It is worth mentioning, the college includes four years studying programs, which are:

·        Computer and Information Systems Department

·        Department of Mathematics  

·        Department of Chemistry

·        Department of English

·        Department of Islamic Studies

·        Department of Arabic

We also working to activate the following departments according to the royal decree:

·        Department of Special Education

·        Department Kindergartens   

·        Department of Physics

·        Department of Biology

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